(1)Developing & Standardizing Ultimately Affordable Broadband Backhaul Solutions
During this ongoing pandemic, affordable and reliable broadband access is the lifeblood of our economies:
Global Plan Inc. has the solution with Fiber !
see Global Plan's COVID-19 Response at an ITU Site

To suppress the pandemic overshoot, the ITU-standardized
solution* proposed by Global Plan Inc. affordably and quickly connects the unconnected enabling Tele Working, e-Education, Social Distancing, In-House Sheltering. In the interview video above, "Pandemic" is addressed @ 3' 28".

* Solution for Broadband Infrastructure for Remote-Area Digitalization (BIRD) following ITU-T Recommendations L.1700. L.110 and L.163
see ITU NEWS and find ITU-T Recommendations here

(2)Getting standardization agreements at ITU, IEC and ISO→see more

(3)Improving business competitiveness through “Joy-of-Work” Activities (Joy of Work Seminar)→see more

(4) Building Your Capacity for Global Activities
国際人材の育成支援 国際標準化、国際競争力の強化などHP Students Comments(学生さんの感想ご覧下さい)
(大学・学生さん向け講演料は不要: okamura@globalplan.jpまで


July 8, 2020, a Panel Discussion↓took place during the virtual WSIS 2020 event organized by the GP President, where Director of TSB and other key persons participated as the Panelists. (Session Recording available)
世界情報社会サミット(WSIS)でパネル討論 Panel Discussionを主催。

May 25, 2020 Namche-Everest Base Camp Optical Cable Project (43km) was kicked off that met New ITU-T Standards, L.1700 (2016), L.110 (2017) and L.163 (2018). The president of GP Inc. is the PJ team leader.

Feb. 18, 2020 GP successfully discussed at ITU-D SG1 Q5 (Rural connectivity) Contribution C386

情報格差解消を目指す光ケーブルソリューションの現状につきITU-D SG1に報告しました(時節柄、遠隔参加)。

Oct.15-23, 2019, Okamura chaired IECSC86C meeting (Fibre Optic Systems and Active Devices) @ IEC general meeting, Shanghai

Sept. 11, 2019,
President of GP as a Panelist at ITU Telecom World 2019, Budapest.

August 26, 2019
President of GP presented "Broadband Solution & Standards for Connecting the Unconnected" as a guest speaker at UNESCAP, Bangkok

June 14, 2019,
President of GP. presented "Broadband Solution & Standards for Connecting the Unconnected" as a guest speaker at ASTAP 31, Tokyo.

May 25, 2019,
The Inauguration Ceremony of the ITU-Standard Broadband Optical Cable solution was held in Dullu Municipality office, Dailekh District of Karnali Pradesh in West Nepal. This is the 1st implementation of the broadband rural connectivity by meeting ITU-T standards; L.1700, L.110 and L.163 were officially edited by . Okamura. He stated in the ceremony "lets make Dullu municipality globally recognized as the birthplace of the broadband rural connectivity, as Lumbini is as the birthplace of Buddha". This PJ was conducted as the APT Category II Project funded by extra budgetary contribution from Japan.

ネパール西部ダル地区の光ファイバ12kmの建設が完了、地区政府への引渡し式典(下の写真)が行われました。途上国の情報格差解消のための光ケーブルソリューションの必要条件を記述した3本のITU-T 勧告(L.1700, L.110 L.163)に準拠したソリューションの最初の現場投入となりました。 

As of May 7, 2019,
ITU-T Recommendation L.163 (Criteria for optical cable installation with minimal existing infrastructure, edited by H. Okamura ) is identified as "most popular" Recommendation.

April 7-11, 2019,
Global Plan exhibited @ WSIS Forum 2019 the Proposed Optical Cable Solution for Closing the Digital Divide. See Haruo Okamura interview video

March 29, 2019
Optical Cable was installed across unexplored wild land at Dullu Municipality, west Nepal. This is the 1st DIY deployment of Optical Cable on the ground's surface in a most-affordable manner meeting ITU-T Recommendations L.110 and L.163 by the local community; right end is H. Okamura.


Jan.11, 2019, ITU published an ITU NEWS on the completion of developing a set of ITU stadards identifying low-cost optical broadband solution that GP Inc. has proposed.

Nov. 29, 2018,
development of a set of ITU Standards, proposed and Edited by the President of GP Inc., unprecedentedly targeting to closing the urban-rural digital divide concluded that fundamentally supports the UN SDGs .

2018年11月29日 途上国の都市部と遠隔地の情報格差の解消を目的とした以下の一連のITU勧告の最後の1件(L.163)が承認されました。遠隔地のブロードバンド化の加速、遠隔医療・教育の普及、SDGの達成に繋げてゆきます

L.1700 identifies the “affordability-first” concept with best effort reliability (2016)
L. 110 specifies requirements of lightweight robust optical cables for direct surface installation into remote areas at low cost (2017)
L. 163 identifies how to affordably and reliably install L.110 cables into remote/rural areas across difficult terrain (2018)

Sept. 10-13, 2018 President of GP Inc. gave a talk as a Panelist at ITU Telecom World 2018(Durban)
ITU Telecom World 2018(Durban) にて弊社が推進中の途上国への安価な光ケーブルソリューションについて展示し弊社代表がパネリスト として登壇しました

See an Interview Video

Aug. 28, 2018 Haruo Okamura presented an invited paper on the Optical fiber technol. for closing the digital divide at ESCAP Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) Steering Committee.


Global Plan Exhibition @ UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee 27-29 August2018, Bangkok United Nations

2018, 5/02 Broadband Communities Summit 2018 see more


2018年4/10-15 The route survey for 12 km optical cable was conducted in lDullu Minuisipality, Dailekh District in the Bheri Zone of western-central Nepal under an APT project grant together with KDDI Foundation, ICT4D in Nepal and Opt. Cable manufacturer.


2017 12/13 Route survay was conducted from a Helicopter for 36-km L.110 Optical-Cable deployment in collaboration with local communities: ITU-T Recommendation L.110 edited by H. Okamura was publishe
d in August 2017. 


2017 09/28 ITU Secretary General Mr. Houlin Zhao visited the Global Plan Stand at ITU Telecom 2017 appreciating Low-Cost DIY Optica Cable Solution and its ITU standard L.110 and L.1700 as the 1st International Standard toward closing the digital divide.


Sept. 25-28, 2017 Global Plan Inc. is putting on a display of broadband solution at ITU Telecom 2017 during. →click here and then click the GP logo

Gloabal Plan はITU Telecom 2017 に情報格差解消へのブロードバンドソリュ-ションを出展しました

2017 08/12 L.110 has been approved.

L.110 has been consented→詳細はITU NEWS
2017年06月30日 ITU-T勧告L.110がコンセントされました.
ITU-T Recommendation L.110 has been consented at ITU-T SG15. L.110 identifies the requirements of Fibre-Optic Cables for "Direct Surface Application" that allows the mos afforable cinstallation

2017年02月08日 ネパール政府がエベレスト街道〔最高標高5800m)とアンナプルナトレッキングトレールに"okamura Model”を用いてHigh Speed Free Wi Fi を設置すると発表

2016年11月21日 ITU BlogでITU-T L.1700勧告が情報格差解消に向けて画期的なコンセプトを打ち出している点を分かりやすく説明しました。

2016年10月01日 弊社代表が早稲田大学の客員教授となりました。Okamura became a guest Professor of Waseda University

弊社代表が国際電気標準会議IECのSC86C (Optical fibre systems and active devices)の国際議長に就任しました(2016-)
Okamura became the chair of IEC/SC86C(Fibre Optic Systems and Active Devices),

2016年06月13日 ITU-T勧告L.1700が出版されました。電気も道も整備されていない遠隔地に、険しい地形、気象、社会環境を越えて究極的に安価で高信頼なブロードバンドを浸透させる必要条件の勧告です。ITU標準化が情報格差に取り組んだ最初の技術勧告でありこれによって途上国、先進国いずれでも遠隔地への光ブロードバンドの浸透が加速されることが期待されます。この勧告は2013年に弊社代表が提案し、2014年からEditorを勤め2016年4月に合意された
ITU-T Recomendation L.1700 was published on June 13, 2016 as the 1st ITU-T Recommedation identifying technical requirements of practical broadband solution for globally closing the urban to rural digital divide, developed by ITU-T SG5 under the editorship of H. Okamura

2016年06月04日 ウランバートル郊外80kmの平原にある教育機関に光ケーブルを21 kmにわたって敷設し、高速のインタネットを整備すプランを合意しました。 このシステムプランは弊社提案によるITU-T 勧告 L.1700(途上国遠隔地向けの新しいブロードバンドソリューションの勧告)に準拠し、新しい地表設置可能な光ケーブル(DSA Cable)を用いた世界初のフルスケール実装例となります。
Agreement was reached on the world 1st full-scale implementation of ultra-broadband/ultimately-affordable internet connection with an ITU-T L.1700-compatible solution using an optical cable for direct surfce application (DSA Cable) L.1700 "
Requirements and framework for low-cost sustainable telecommunications infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries ( currently uder AAP)" was edited by Global Plan and was consented April 2016.


2015年12月20日GP Inc.がモンゴル情報通信省にてdigita divide解消に関する提案を議論しました。 
At ICTA, Government of Mongolia, GP Inc. Proposed Ultimately Affordable Optical Solution

2015年11月12日 立命館大でグローバル時代の技術者・科学者に求める素養について議論 → see more
Okamura discussed how Japanse Engineesrs and Scientists to survive the global era (Ritsumeikan Univ.)

2015年11月4日 途上国遠隔地への光ケーブルによるブロードバンドの浸透を提案、情報格差問題を議論→see more
Okamura will be discussing broadband penetration into remote areas in developing countries(Keio Univ.)

2015年10月15日 ITU-Tで途上国遠隔地へのブロードバンド通信インフラの設計要件をまとめる勧告案が仮合意されました(弊社代表:エデイタに指名)
Oct. 15, ITU-T SG5 Q14 developed Draft L.rfrc that identifies "Ultimate affordability with best reliability" as the key requirement for telecom infrastructure for remote areas in developing countrieds toward closing the digital divde. Delegates of Japan(Okamura and NEC), Malaysia, Inda, Tanzania(Chief editor), UK, Russia was assigned as the Editors. .

2015年7月06日 総務省の「技術戦略委員会中間報告書(案)に対する意見の募集」について(株)グローバルプランは途上国の情報格差への対処の戦略を併せて示す必要があるとのパブリックコメントを提出しました。Global Plan Inc. submitted a Public Comment to Japanese Ministery of Internal Affairs and Communications on the Telecommunicatins Strategy in which GP Inc. suggested to additionally develop a Japanese strategy on how to contribute to globally closing the digital divide.

2015年6月24-26日 ITU-TSG15/Q16 途上国の奥地に向けて地表に簡易に敷設できる新しい光ケーブルとその敷設に関する勧告作成を合意。弊社代表がエディタに選出されました(ジュネーブ)Okamura was assigned as the Editor of Draft Recommendation of Optical Cable for Direct Surface Application.

2014年11月11日 (株)グローバルプランがITU-T/SG15のアソシエートメンバになりました。
Global Plan Inc. became an associate member↓of ITU-T SG15(Transform, access and home)


・2014年6月23日 弊社代表が”長距離高速光通信技術に関する標準化並びにITU-Tの標準化戦略及び体制の改革推進への貢献”で情報通信技術賞(総務大臣表彰)をいただきました。 President of GP. Inc. received the ICT Award of Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan


・2012年11月30日 WTSA2012にて弊社代表はITU-TのTSAG副議長を満了。後任には中國(工業情報化省)が就任しました。
Okamura stepped away from Vice Chair of ITU-T TSAG after 8 years of services.

・2011年11月01日 弊社代表が産業技術総合研究所・研究顧問に就任しました。
Okamura became an Invited Adviser of AIST: Natioal Advanced Institute of Industrial Sciece and Technology, Japan

・2011年05月24日 "私の発言(O Plus E)" をアップしました。"O plus E" published My Remark by Okamura

Recent Activities
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2017年12月14日 Mt. Everest, Thamserku and Amadablam from Kongde Hotel(4200m)

2018 年06月14日 北アルプス 乗鞍高原 風のチムニーから 残雪の乗鞍

Sept. 11, 2018 Global Plan Inc. exhibited a booth and Okamura joined the panel dicussion on Smart Cities at ITU Teleom World 2018 (Durban, South Africa)

Oct. 9-19, 2018 : ITU-T SG15(Geneve)the DSA Cable Installation Recommendation L.163 edited by Okamura was agreed (consented) on Oct. 19th 2018.

Nov. 21 2018, Nepal Investment Seminar @ UN univ., Tokyo attended by Nepal Minister Foreign Affairs & Nepal Ambassador

Mar. 6-7, 2019 ITA Show Case North West USA, Poertland; presented the ITU Solution and exhibited cable ; Mini trenching machine exhibited was interesting for L.110 cable deployment in USA

Mar. 8-10, 2019 IEC SC86C WGs 1, 2, 3 and 4 @ San Dieo, USA, chaired by Okamura

Mar. 18, 2019: ITU-D SG1(Geneve)Optical Cable Solution meeting ITU-T Recs L.1700, L.110 and L.163 discussed on Contribution C.255 by Okamura

Sept. 12, 2019 ITU Telecom World 2019 @ smart ABC Pavilion, Okamura with ITU Sec. General and TSB Director

Nov. 08, 2019 Okamura gave a lecture at Nihon Univerity, collage of Production Technol.

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